Ultimate Pools from Edwards Pools of Ohio

The Ultimate Pool is a kit that can be installed above ground, in ground, or semi-in ground. Ultimate PoolHaving installed a few of these pools, I am impressed with the versatility of this pool.

The pool is made with 14 gauge steel panels that are 52″ high. Because of this the pool can be sunk down in the ground to match up to an existing deck, or to be made into a complete in ground setup. We have done them both ways.

Ultimate PoolYou can add an optional 8′ walk-in step, and different pump and filter setups to customize the pool for your situation. We install them with a flat sand bottom, the same way we do an “above ground” pool. The Ultimate is a great option if you have extreme grade issues in your yard.

The following video shows an 18′ round with the walk-in step. We sunk this one in the ground and the homeowner did a patio paver deck around the pool to match into their existing patio.

16 thoughts on “Ultimate Pools from Edwards Pools of Ohio

  1. Terry N Post author

    Wow, this thing looks pretty neat. It doesn’t seem especially large, are there different sizes? If there were a larger one I’d definitely want one in my backyard!

  2. Nathan Edwards Post author

    Terry, yes there are different sizes. Oval’s go up to 17’x32′. Round pools go from 18′ up to 28′

  3. Melissa Post author

    What is the maximum amount of fill you should use for an above ground pool? We have a 41″ drop from high to low point. I don’t want it to settle and ruin my pool. Thanks!

  4. Nathan Edwards Post author

    Melissa, I would back fill no farther than 24″ with an above ground pool. With a 41″ drop you would need to do some type of retaining wall.

  5. Melissa Post author

    Is 41″ too much to fill? I read somewhere you can use a ‘slurry’ to make the area firmer to reduce settling. Is that recommended for that deep of fill or just dirt? We are trying to place the pool off of an existing deck and don’t want too many steps down to the pool. Is it better to only grade out 24″ instead of the full 41″ and have more steps? I read where you said if it’s more than 24″ to do a retaining wall, but I wonder more about the fill depth….whether there is a cut-off. The one pool installer said he wouldn’t guarantee the install if it was more than 4″ of fill. That’s pretty low fill. He said if it settles the liner could pull away from pool. He scared us.

  6. Nathan Edwards Post author

    Melissa, yes 41″ is too much. If you want to match it to the deck you will have too do a retaining wall. My rule of thumb is 24″ for backfill against the pool. You will always have some part of the pool in the ground because no ones yard is perfectly level. Your best option would be too only grade down 24″ and have more steps.

  7. Nathan Edwards Post author

    Dennis, thank you! This pool is a great option for folks with serious grade issues that do not want to build retaining walls. We have built a few of them at this point and they look really good when done.

  8. Danielle Post author

    I love your forum/blog and am learning a lot.. I am having a 16 x 32 doughboy installed, we are digging ourselves to save $ but I am confused about how to make the slurry (ratio of sand to concrete) and how much I’d need for my pool? We are only burying it about 2 1/2 to 3′ max with a 7′ deep end. Can you help, I’ve been on another pool forum and searched all over google and I have Doughboy’s instructions for burying as far as digging dimensions but nothing on slurry. Thank you so very much.

  9. Nathan Edwards Post author

    Danielle, so you are doing a vermiculite bottom. I don’t do the mixing. I use a product called A-tops that is a premixed material. Comes in 40lb bags. Mix a couple at a time in a mixer while adding the water and you are set. You should be able to get it at a local pool store.

  10. Danielle Post author

    Nathan, yes you are correct. Do you know what type of stores sell the A-Tops? I did a google search and nothing popping up.. Would a Home Depot or Lowe’s have it or would a pool store carry this material? Thank you!!

  11. Nathan Edwards Post author

    Danielle, you will have to go too a local pool store. Lowe’s and Home Depot will not carry it.

  12. Gregg Post author

    Love this pool. We currently have a 33′ round above ground pool with wooden deck half way around it. We would LOVE to incorporate the 8′ walk in steps when we replace the liner next month. Is there a way to do this?

  13. Nathan Edwards Post author

    Gregg, you will not be able to add that type of step to your pool. The Ultimate pool bolts together and that is how the step connects. If your pool does not have panels that bolt you cannot add the step.

  14. Charles & Marcia Van Bibber Post author

    Edwards Family, We love your website! We are interested in getting a quote on a new liner being put in our current 18 x 33 above ground pool; however, Eddie would like to discuss an issue of having to cut out a section of the pool out last year and we are afraid this will hurt our new liner. In that case, we are in need of a quote for a new 18 x 33 pool. The footprint is already there. Our pool is still here. We need a pool quote and quote for installation of a new 18 x 33 pool. Please advise us. Thank you so much

  15. Nathan Edwards Post author

    Charles & Marcia, thank you for the compliment on the website. We will be in contact with you about your pool.


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